‘Salem’s Lot

By: Stephen King

Ben Mears hasn’t stepped foot in Jerusalem’s lot since he lived with his aunt as a child. Now a successful author, he has returned with the hope of writing a novel about the town’s most notorious location, the Marsten House.

Ben vividly remembers his encounter in that house all those years ago. The nightmares still haunt him into adulthood, and he has come to lay his fears to rest. However, the chance to do so will never come.

When two young boys in the Lot go missing, Ben will get roped into horrors beyond imagining and find himself very nearly alone to face it all.

I knew going into this story that it was about vampires, however, I was interested to see how Stephen King put his own particular twist on the concept. I am sad there wasn’t much twist at all. The novel was rather bland and at no time horrifying. I’m starting to wonder if I like his more recent works more, but then I remember Revivaland think that’s not the case.

‘Salem’s Lot needs only one word to describe it: uninspired.

 Additionally, there were a ton of characters to track and names to store in my memory banks. Sometimes I would get characters mixed up and then have to go back and read a part again so I knew who was talking or where I was in the setting. The introduction to the story seems to drag on and on simply because there are so many characters to introduce.

Don’t get me wrong, Stephen King writes great characters that are unique and full of personality, but, for the purposes of this story, the number was kind of distracting. Usually, I end up caring about the people he takes the time to describe, but I didn’t really care about most of the characters. Less than a handful I would say. Needful Things had a lot of characters but was executed for artfully.

In truth, I was rather disappointed with the story and don’t intend to read it again.

Overall Rating: 2

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