About Me

Hello to all who care to actually read the “about” page on this blog.

I’m Alex, and I hail from a kinda-sorta large town located west of Indianapolis. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a concentration in Marketing, and a minor in Communication. I also once did a stint at the University Press of Kentucky writing press releases for their upcoming publications, but you don’t really care about all that. Totally cool. I wouldn’t either, so no hard feelings!

Writing about books and reading soothes my anxiety, and I’m always looking for new suggestions on what to read next. Recommendations help keep that creepy shadow that likes to follow me around locked up in my closet where it belongs. Also, feel free to shoot comments my way if you have feedback on anything I’ve written or if you just want to say hi.

This blog aims to provide honest reviews about my experiences while reading. Everyone knows new books are coming out every week, and we can’t possibly get to them all before we kick the bucket. The best I can hope for is to help guide you to some novels that are worth your time and warn you about some that I believe aren’t. I recognize you may hold a different opinion one way or another about some of the books on my list, and that’s cool. We can agree to disagree, and it would be cool to hear from you about it either way.

This blog is more than just me writing about what I think. I want my posts to be useful to you. You are who this blog is really for, and that is why feedback is so vital. I’m not the next great American author, but this is a fun pastime and honest work.

Even if you only want to send me a message because you are looking for a random bookish friend on the internet, I’m at your disposal. Additionally, if you are a poor and unfortunate soul whose sense of humor is as weird as mine, we are going to have a great time. I’m about as sarcastic and punny as they come with regards to negatively reviewing books, so hold onto your ass! This is gonna be a fun ride.

But seriously, thank you for your time because we all have a limited amount of it. I am honored if you spend your time reading anything I write.

Wishing you well,



    1. Hello Aaina Arun,

      I cannot even begin to describe the excitement and gratitude I felt when I saw this comment in my email. 1. Thank you very much for being the first to leave a comment 2. Thank you very much for the nomination. I am incredibly flattered and so happy to hear that you like my blog. I hope you will continue to follow along with me in the future. All the best to you!

      Alex Frank

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