These are the books I did not finish:

The Quantum Magician

Reason: The writing was practically illegible and the result of sloppy editing. If my brain can’t follow the story, there isn’t a story at all. This book was just a bunch of random strings of words slapped together and called “hard sci-fi.” The story was intended to sound realistic and intelligent yet failed at both.


Saving Fish from Drowning

Reason: This book starts out so interesting because it’s narrated by a dead character. However, as the book goes on, the whole premise of the plot is that this group of people go on a trip that the dead character planned and the narrator can’t do anything but sit back and watch the plans go to shit. It gets old, and I’m not the kind of person who enjoys humor that is constantly slapstick and has no purpose. I tried twice to read this book and failed both times.